Polyurethane-Hypalon UY EWC Dry Box Gloves


This glove has been designed for Extreme Wet Conditions (EWC).


This glove is manufactured using a solvent-based polyurethane layer with a solvent-based Hypalon™ layer.


The polyurethane layer is 40% of the overall thickness and provides the highest level of protection against tears and punctures.


The Hypalon™ layer is 60% of the overall thickness and provides very good resistance to ozone aging, plus chemical resistance against acid and alkali products such as nitric acid.




Each glove has an individual polypropylene insert to prevent the glove from folding or collapsing while in the box. All gloves should be stored and shipped with inserts to provide assurance the gloves are held in an extended form.


Each glove pair is packaged in a protective black pouch to protect the gloves from UV rays and aging. They are then placed into boxes to prevent the gloves from being damaged during shipping.


Storage Advice


The gloves must be stored in their original packaging, at room temperature (between 40°F and 80°F or 4°C and 27°C).


The gloves, when removed from their original packaging, must be protected against all potential risks.


Recommended shelf life of the UY EWC glove, when stored in its original packing and in the above conditions: 3 years.


Maintenance Advice


If necessary, gloves can be washed with (soapy) water, rinsed under tap water, dried in low temperature (104°F or 40°C maximum) current of air, until completely dry then dusted with talcum powder.


Disposal Considerations


Product, which has not been in contact with hazardous materials, can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste. Disposal must be in accordance with applicable Federal and local regulations.

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